Digestive Health for Mature Adults (50+)

Improving Occasional Constipation in Adults over 50

KGK Science in London is pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in our digestive health research program to evaluate whether an investigational probiotic impacts nutrient absorption and improves symptoms of occasional or daily constipation in healthy adults over 50.

KGK is studying a multi-strain probiotic for its impact on changes to your bowel movements, absorption of key nutrients and vitamins along with changes in your overall digestive health.

Research in probiotics continues to offer opportunities for adults with digestive issues, like constipation, to seek assistance with improving their frequency and comfort.  KGK is researching the potential improvements of digestive symptoms through the introduction of beneficial bacteria to the gut, studying any enhancements of restoring proper microbial balance

Ideal Participants Will Be:

Healthy Men & Women, Ages 50 to 85

Experience regular or occasional constipation

Seeking to improve their digestive health

BMI of 18.5 - 29.9 kg/m2

Available for 4 visits over 100 days of supplementation

Qualified participants will receive up to $600 for their participation in this program.

All participants are monitored by Medical Physicians and services are provided at no cost to participants.

Living outside of London? Ask about our travel reimbursement program! Inquire with your recruiter for details

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