Memory, Cognition & Stress Survey

Researching Memory, Cognition & Stress

KGK Science is Ontario's premier research clinic.  For over 21 years KGK has measured outcomes of new natural health products such as probiotics, vitamins & antioxidants in healthy individuals.

Our research team would like to invite you to participate in a regional survey on memory, cognition and stress.  With upcoming research programs focused on improving sleep, memory and cognition we hope to improve the design of our next group of studies for 2019.  

This survey will take no longer than 7 minutes of your time to complete.  The information we collect will be kept completely confidential and you will have the opportunity to consent to receive updates about our research programs.

There is no cost or obligation to participate and you will have the opportunity to let our recruitment team know which studies you're most interested in participating in once they're ready.

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