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Maintaining Muscle Health with Age

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KGK is investigating the effectiveness a food derived compound, Urolithin A, found naturally in pomegranates, berries and nuts. Urolithin A is often generated during the digestion process when pomegranates are consumed and supports the essential function and repair of healthy mitochondria.

KGK is eager to understand how a newly developed supplement containing the natural substance Urolithin A can increase muscle energy and boost physical endurance.  Once we reach the age of 55 it can be very difficult to gain muscle and improve strength and examining the power of pomegranate may help provide important research.  

KGK will research the effectiveness of a developed supplement containing Urolithin A, along with placebo, on increasing muscle energy and possibly improve physical endurance.

Supporting Muscle Health

Ideal Participants Will Be:

Women & Men Ages 40 – 65

Who are Inactive (Walk < 30 minutes per day)

Who can Benefit from Gaining More Energy and Physical Endurance

Available for a Study Period of 120 days (4 months)

Compensation of $1,000 upon study completion

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