Probiotic National Research Survey

Researching Probiotics & Digestive Health

KGK Science is Ontario's premier research clinic. Based in London Ontario Canada, for over 21 years KGK has measured outcomes of new natural health products such as probiotics & antioxidants in healthy individuals.

Probiotics are live micro-organisms, such as bacteria and yeast, that provide important benefits to your digestive health by supporting key processes in your digestive system.  "Good" or "beneficial" bacteria produce important nutrients for our body, help to reduce inflammation, assist in digestion and produce compounds scientists are just starting to fully understand.

Each person has a collection of bacteria, called their microbiome, that is unique to them and is key to our overall health.  Researchers now think of the microbiome as a new organ, the size of our brain, within our body made up of bacteria that have a powerful connection with the rest of our body. 

Our research team would like to invite you to participate in a national survey on probiotics and digestive health to gather information that will help to design studies on the microbiome and organize important information to help advocacy for overall health of Canadians. 

Your experiences with taking probiotics and prebiotics will help us to identify local and national nutrition patterns.  We’re interested in these topics because the microbiome has an immediate and lifelong effect on our health.

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