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Are Your Cannabis Edibles Set Up for Sweet Success?

With the new regulations and guidelines surrounding cannabis edibles, it can be difficult to know exactly how to formulate, package, and test them to ensure successful market entry and customer satisfaction. Whether you’ve already begun research and development for edibles or are looking to start, the legalization process doesn’t have to leave a bitter taste in your mouth. 

Setting Up Shop

As of October 17th, 2019, the production and sale of edible cannabis products in Canada is now authorized under the Cannabis Act. In order to take advantage of this, holders of federal Micro Processing and Standard Processing licenses must amend their permits to include the edibles class. If approved by Health Canada, manufacturing can begin within three to nine months.

In preparation for this, processing licensees have been able to enact certain research and development activities for edibles. However, their permissions do not include administering cannabis to test subjects—something which is necessary in understanding the palatability of edibles. And, while palatability testing is not required to produce or sell edibles, it can make all the difference in attracting potential consumers.

In Good Taste

Thanks to its terpenes, cannabis is quite bitter. That said, when mixed with the proper spices, aromas, and sugars, this taste can be made more appealing (and thus, attractive to a greater number of buyers). As such, sensory trials could make or break an edible cannabis product—something which you may want to consider.

Luckily, authorization isn’t completely unavailable for these studies: with a Research and Development License under the Cannabis Act, manufacturers can experiment with product recipes to maximize their flavor profile; confirm their stability; and determine their potency. While it may take up to sixth months for Health Canada to approve R&D applications (42 days for a single project and 180 days for an institutional license), receiving assent can allow manufacturers to meet consumers’ high expectations. Simply put: the end-user wants cannabis edibles to taste good. If yours don’t, you’ll lose out on valuable repeat purchases and referrals.

KGK Science: Your Best Buds

Canadians are certainly excited about the release of edibles: a 2019 survey by Lift & Co. and Ernst & Young suggests that legalization will add three million purchasers to the national cannabis market. Further, Deloitte projects the category to be worth about $2.7 billion annually. If you can attract this group of customers and keep them coming back, consider your bottom line boosted.

If you’re ready to get into edibles, bring KGK Science to the table. With our scientific and regulatory capabilities, we can assist with guaranteeing compliance; testing efficacy and bioavailability, and carry out your cannabis palatability studies. Together, we’ll ensure your edible offerings don’t go to pot. 

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