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Athlete Immunity and Silver Hydrosol

Athlete Immunity and Silver Hydrosol: Frequently Asked Questions

With all the health benefits of staying active, we would think that exercise would make us less prone to getting sick. But did you know that people who participate in endurance exercise are more prone to common colds for a short period of days after the exercise?

Runners, hockey players, CrossFit fanatics—anyone playing or doing frequent intense activity—may be more likely to experience a weakened immune system. And this may lead to a higher rate of cold and flu-like symptoms—not great for training or competing!

Nobody wants to interrupt their training to get over a cold or flu, and every athlete knows that frustrating feeling of having to take the time to get back up to peak form.

So, we take every precaution to avoid getting sick: washing our hands, sneezing into our sleeve, eating well, getting enough rest…

But more and more athletes are using natural health products to stay healthy. One that is less well known but becoming more popular is silver hydrosol, which has been licensed by Health Canada and is growing in popularity across North America.

What is silver hydrosol?

Silver hydrosol is comprised of small amounts of tiny silver particles suspended in water.

How do you take it?

Most products on the market come in a small bottle that you take daily by the spoonful or as a throat spray, just like cough medicine.

Why silver?

Silver has been used for more than 2,000 years to help safeguard human health.

How does it help?

Silver has  anti-microbial properties, which means that it is effective at killing and stopping the growth of microbes. It’s been used to heal wounds and treat infections from ancient times through the first World War and was used in the eyes of newborn children to prevent infection. NASA even uses silver ions to purify water in their spacecrafts!

I’ve heard taking silver might turn me blue! Is this true?

Silver in huge excess can lead to skin discoloration; however, when used as directed, commercial silver hydrosol poses no health hazard. It would take over 70 years of daily use of commercial silver hydrosol to reach excessive levels above what is considered safe.[i] The commercial silver hydrosol is available for adults, children and even pets!

But isn’t it a metal and therefore toxic?

Silver is a metal but not toxic. People all over the world ingest small amounts of silver as part of their normal diet, because silver is a naturally occurring element and can be found in drinking water and foods, such as edible mushrooms, milk, and wheat flour and bran.

So how does this relate to immunity?

Because of silver hydrosol’s ability to kill bacteria and viruses, it may be an effective tool to maintain, sustain and support your immune system. Which brings us to our latest study here at KGK!

Researching bio-active silver on athlete immunity during cold and flu season.

This winter, we are researching the investigational product, Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™, a brand that has been on the market since 1999 . The study will look at whether Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ may help people who do intense aerobic exercise maintain immunity during cold and flu season.

And now we need you! If you’re an athlete or you do at least 5 hours of intense aerobic activity each week (cycling, running, triathlon, swimming, soccer, Nordic skiing, basketball, hockey, etc.), this is a great opportunity to contribute to the research of athlete performance, earn some money, and maybe even fight off getting sick.

Participants are encouraged to call, email or take our pre-screen survey here.

And tell your friends!

[i] According to the EPA (CASRN 7440-22-4) daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (RfD) applied to 10 ppm, one may ingest 178,850 servings safely over 70 years.