Clinical Trial Management

If you already contracted another site to run your clinical study, KGK can be contracted to manage the site. KGK routinely manages single and multi-center sites for various types of clinical trials. Whether your study is North America, South America, Europe or Asia, KGK can help. We will ensure your study runs seamlessly by managing the entire process.

KGK can be contracted to help with the following individual services or as whole package; we can work with you to keep any aspect of your project on time:

  • Protocol Review and suggestions
  • Regulatory Submission and Approvals 
  • Subject Recruitment (Marketing and Telephone Screening)
  • Data management 
  • Study Monitoring 
  • Data Analysis 
  • Comprehensive Final Report (Complete writing or Review)

Comprehensive Final Report

You’ll find most CRO’s only turn out a statistical report with tables and numbers and leave it up to you to interpret. At KGK, we give you a Comprehensive Final Report. At the end of your trial you will receive a fully interpreted final report that can be submitted to any regulatory agency as is!

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