Ready, Set, Go! – Flu Season Strategies for Endurance Training

Posted on Thu, 25 Jan 2018 

Whether you’re training for a marathon, triathlon, long distance cycling or exercising daily at a high level the impact of physical activity on your body’s immune system and its function can be significant.

Cold & flu season is here and while the risk of contracting influenza is heightened during flu season, we are exposed to many viruses year-round that can cause URTIs. 

Research shows us that moderate exercise reduces the risk of infection compared with a sedentary lifestyle, but the incidence of URTIs in marathon-type endurance athletes in the post-race period has been shown to be more than twice of that of otherwise healthy individuals.  These symptoms which range from simple congestion and a runny nose to acute respiratory infections and fever along with chills and fatigue can severely affect training and lead to poor performance in elite athletes

Years of good research demonstrates that sustained periods of intense training and endurance exercise is associated with an increased risk of cold and flu-like symptoms. Sustained training or competition appears to suppress the activity of white blood cells, your body’s main immune defense. In combination with the athlete’s exposure to bacteria in crowds, gyms or contact sports, these factors leave many healthy people prone to respiratory infection.

Along with general recommendations of proper nutrition, rest and recovery, science has focused on developing nutrition strategies that can reduce how often you develop infections.  Among them, the green microalgae, Euglena is a promising supplement for people participating in physical activity and is one of the most studied microscopic organisms. These tiny cells produce a host of vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants beneficial for human health.   Euglena is a rich source of paramylon, a starch-like carbohydrate with immune-boosting properties. Researchers in Italy showed that exposure to Euglena-derived paramylon stimulated human immune cells and when introduced into your diet Euglena represents a nutritional fortification for the immune system when participating in rigorous training and competition. Pushing your body to the limit may now be possible with the help of this beneficial microscopic friend.

Here are Three Quick Checks for Reducing Illness During Training this Season:

  • Focus on Behavioral, Nutritional and Training Strategies that include Recovery (Sleep)
  • Avoiding close contact with people who are showing symptoms of infection
  • Practice hand hygiene and avoiding sharing personal items such as towels and drink bottles

Whether your goal is to run in a 1/2 marathon in Southwestern Ontario or you’re increasing your training schedule to run in a marathon in Boston or Chicago we’re interested in studying your immune function during this cold and flu season.

KGK Science Inc is currently conducting a clinical research study in London to evaluate the effects of immune function in men and women ages 21 to 65 who are actively training in endurance activities. 

As a participant you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of cutting edge nutrition research that will bring scientifically tested novel products to market for endurance athletes like you.  

We are currently looking for participants who are interested in taking part in this new research. All records relating to your identity and study participation are confidential under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. KGK’s clinical trials are conducted under the direction of a Medical Director and Principal Investigator. All studies are reviewed by an independent ethics review board, follow Good Clinical Practice, and are approved by Health Canada and an Ethics Board.

Each study has its own guidelines – eligibility criteria. To ensure the strongest results, researchers want study participants to be alike in key ways. Examples of eligibility criteria for a treatment trial might be age, gender, weight, height, and/or your previous medical history.

Additional information will be determined upon telephone or online screening. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for you to join this clinical trial. Parking at One London Place will be validated, or bus fare provided, and participants will be compensated up to $300 for their time.

To enroll those interested in participating can complete our online screening questions, call 519-858-8359 or E-Mail Us

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