Cannabis Metabolism

Measuring Health Outcomes of Cannabis

KGK Clinical Trial Centers is providing the opportunity for residents of Southwestern Ontario to participate in a cannabis research study examining the metabolism, bioavailability, and effectiveness of a new proprietary oil of both CBD & THC in an edible blend.

This study is approved by Health Canada and an Independent Ethics Review Board.

Participants will be asked to conduct a 13-hour visit with two short follow up visits to measure how their bodies metabolize the CBD & THC oil under the supervision of a medical study doctor in a controlled clinical environment.  

We are seeking participants who are:

• Men & Women, Ages 18 to 45

• Cannabis users who are able to abstain for 4 weeks prior to entering the study

• Occasional or infrequent users (1-4 times per month) or have taken once in the past 6 months

• Available for a 13-hour visit with 2 follow up appointments over 48 hours

Qualified participants will receive up to $400 for their participation in this study.

All participants are monitored by Medical Physicians and services are provided at no cost to participants.

Living outside of London? We do have a travel reimbursement program - message us for details.

Take the pre-screen survey below to find out if you qualify or fill out our contact form to receive more information. 

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