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KGK Science Applauds the Efforts of Congress to Begin Removing Regulatory Hurdles for CBD


KGK Science, the leader in providing human clinical trials and regulatory support for the U.S. dietary supplement and nutraceutical industry and recent NPA board member, applauds the efforts of Congress to begin removing regulatory hurdles, creating a pathway to market for CBD use in foods, and managing safety concerns to regulate CBD.

“KGK Science Welcomes This Bipartisan Amendment from the House. The Amendment Reflects Both the Intent and Spirit of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, Which Gave Authority Over Supplements and Struck a Critical Balance Between Consumer Access and Consumer Safety”

“KGK Science Has Been an NPA member for Six Years, But KGK Science’s Latest Involvement at the NPA Board Level Reflects a Strong Commitment in Creating a Pathway to Market for the Safe Use of CBD in Conventional Foods and Dietary Supplements in the U.S.”

London, ON – As a recent Director addition to the Board of the Natural Products Association in April, KGK Science Commends the efforts of Congress and NPA to include a CBD pathway to market in an amendment to the House Agriculture appropriations bill and push it through the House. As an NPA member on its Board of Directors, KGK Science has played a role in the monumental shift in the U.S. to regulate CBD use in foods. “NPA created a unique, fast-track solution, which is quickly approaching reality. They next identified a sponsor to introduce a CBD amendment for the House Agriculture appropriations bill, rallied the CBD industry through grass roots, lobbied tirelessly over the past 12 months for bicameral support on both sides of the aisle, and in effect helped push it through the House. It is basic blocking, tackling, grass roots, lobbying, and execution of a strategic plan, and that is what an effective trade association does for a massive growth industry like CBD,” said KGK Science President and CEO Najla Guthrie.

The amendment focuses on consumer safety by requesting FDA to set a safe total daily exposure level to CBD for consumers through the Health Hazard Evaluation process, similar to red yeast rice dietary supplements containing the constituent monacolin K, also known as lovastatin. “KGK Science praises this bipartisan amendment from the House. The amendment reflects both the intent and spirit of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which gave authority over supplements and struck a critical balance between consumer access and consumer safety,” added Najla Guthrie.

In addition to their footprint in the health and wellness space for nutraceuticals and personal care products, KGK Science has recently expanded their reach to include cannabis and cannabinoid research. KGK Science has served many of North America’s leading nutraceutical, natural health product and finished packaged goods companies such as Kraft Foods, Sanofi, Nature’s Bounty, and NuSkin. KGK Science helps companies substantiate claims for products by conducting randomized clinical trials while also providing other research services, including study recruitment, regulatory compliance support, New Dietary Ingredient notifications, Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) conclusions, regulatory and research consulting, and clinical trial design. KGK has played a major part in the maturation, growth and outreach in the natural products industry, and most recently in the cannabidiol industry with their acquisition by Auxly Cannabis Group in August 2018.

“KGK Science has been an NPA member for six years, but KGK Science’s latest involvement at the NPA Board level reflects a strong commitment in creating a pathway to market for the safe use of CBD in conventional foods and dietary supplements in the U.S.,” remarked Najla Guthrie. “KGK Science is the leader in designing clinical trial testing protocols, conducting pre-clinical safety assessments, creating regulatory solutions, developing basic and applied science approaches to address research gaps, and facilitating the explosion of science behind CBDs and their safe use in North America.”

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