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KGK Science Receives Institutional Cannabis Research Licence from Health Canada

December 23, 2020 – KGK Science has received an Institutional Cannabis Research License from Health Canada pursuant to the Cannabis Act. In addition to the two project-specific cannabis research licenses, and the license to conduct sensory trials currently held by KGK, this Institutional license provides the broad approval to conduct multiple cannabis research projects, removing the need to obtain individual research licenses for each project, thereby increasing flexibility and expediting processes for conducting human clinical trials on cannabis products.

As one of the first entities in Canada to receive this expanded license, KGK will be able to provide clients increased access to an expansive portfolio of clinical trials in support of the development of safe and effective cannabis products.

“As the cannabis industry continues to evolve and we sit on the cusp of some major regulatory changes, this institutional research license allows us to increase the pace by which we can support the industry in ensuring the safety and efficacy of cannabis products to Canadian consumers,” says KGK President and CEO Najla Guthrie. “With KGK’s in-depth expertise in the nutraceutical industry, our team of highly-trained scientific researchers, and access to state-of-the-art technologies, KGK continues to be positioned to lead the cannabis industry in research as it moves into its next stage of growth.”

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