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Recruitment can be the largest obstacle when completing a clinical trial. KGK Science operates a call-center where recruitment specialists are dedicated to filling studies on time and on budget! Our team has proven to be top recruiters in numerous trials. Currently, KGK maintains a database of 9,000 patients, which we consistently expand and maintain. KGK frequently attends festivals and conducts presentations at local community centers, markets, and other public venues to find new participants. KGK also advertises online and on social media, local newspapers and local radio to generate study specific interest. Our team is passionate about educating our volunteers about their role in the advancement of science, research, and health care. 

If you are struggling to fill your current study, KGK can help with your subject recruitment! We have over 20 years of experience filling studies on time. By contracting KGK to help with your recruitment, we can help you develop a strategy to help complete your recruitment. We offer the following services to help with your recruitment set-backs:

  • Assist in organizing your contracted site with strategies and methods for contacting their database
  • KGK’s call-center can be contracted to contact a current list of participants, and telephone screen the participants for eligibility on behalf of the contracted site
  • Develop a marketing plan to help boost recruitment
  • KGK’s call-center can be contracted for incoming calls to telephone screen potential participants for eligibility

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