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Mal Evans
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Mal Evans is the Chief Scientific Officer at KGK Science. She earned her master’s and doctorate degrees in physiology from the University of Guelph and received her D.V.M with distinction in physiology from the University of Sri Lanka. Dr. Evans pioneered research in chronobiology and her landmark work in this area was the first of its kind in North America. Her studies in this area support research conducted in the US and Europe on the impact of cellular oscillatory systems on the microbiome, cognition, sleep-wake rhythms, shift work, chronic disease, etc. and overflow into application in the supplement industry.

Dr. Evans contributes her specialized knowledge to dietary supplement research, study design and protocol development, as well, she authors final reports and manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals. She brings her experience and knowledge in Evidence-Based Medicine into Evidence-Based Nutrition. Her expertise encompasses research in numerous areas including gut health and the microbiome, weight management, cardiovascular health, cognition, menopause, hypertension, arthritis, digestive health, eye health, vitamin research, women’s and men’s health, oxidative stress, immune function, allergies, satiety, dermatology, bioavailability, and various pre-disease and disease indications.

Dr. Evans has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed publications and over 100 protocols and clinical study reports for presentation to Health Canada, FDA and/or EFSA for claims substantiation. Dr. Evans is a frequent speaker at conferences on clinical trial design and the need for a new paradigm in study design in identifying biomarkers for the dietary supplement industry. She presents at scientific meetings and contributes to industry publications. Recently, Dr. Evans and her research team, at KGK Science, has developed an Augmented RCT design and global indices that capture the multifaceted nature of dietary supplements, while still keeping within regulatory guidelines for claims.