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The power of strength in numbers.

Vitamin Angels is dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by advancing availability, access and use of essential micronutrients, especially vitamin A, to newborns, infants and children under 5 years old. In 2015, Vitamin Angels connected over 48,000,000 children and mothers in 54 countries, including the US, with the vital nutrients they need as a foundation for good health.

What does Vitamin Angels do?

Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need – specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five – gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals. Vitamins, minerals and nutrients address chronic malnutrition and the resulting morbidity and mortality caused by vitamin deficiencies. By mobilizing public sector organizations, private sector resources and individuals in partnership with Vitamin Angels, the organization reaches underserved children and mothers.

KGK Science has partnered with Vitamin Angels on the “It Makes Cents™” Program. Since 2011, KGK has donated a portion of every contract signed for human clinical trials to Vitamin Angels with a goal of reaching 80,000 children and mothers. The “It Makes Cents™ initiative is KGK’s way of  bringing awareness to issues such as malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency (VAD), which contributes to blindness and “under five “child mortality; as well as providing prenatal vitamins to support a women’s healthy pregnancy and contribute to the well-being of her infant.

Najla Guthrie, KGK Science CEO

“Vitamin Angels is honored to be working with KGK Science. Its commitment to making this world a healthier place is outstanding. Together we are reaching over 24 million children around the world and in the United States. For these children, the essential nutrients we provide are giving them a chance to lead full and productive lives, we could not do this work without KGK’s support.”

Howard B. Schiffer, Founder and President of Vitamin Angels

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