White Papers

  • From Pipe Dream to Responsible Industry

    An in-depth look at the regulatory path forward for hemp-derived cannabinoids in the USA and other markets, and the health benefits that consumers stand to gain.

  • Legal Marijuana - Canada's Green Rush

    A total of 147 million people, 2.5% of the world population, consume cannabis (annual prevalence) compared with 0.2% consuming cocaine and 0.2% consuming opiates. The geographical spread of cannabis cultivation and use almost covers every country of the world. As of April 2018, approximately 4.2 million or 14% of Canadians aged 15 and above reported having used cannabis products in the past three months. Cannabis regulations have historically followed the prohibitionist model, but as continuing research sheds light on its potential benefits, the cannabis regulatory landscape is becoming less restrictive.

  • Probiotics and Infant Nutrition - Making Claims on the Foundation of Research

    The market for infant formula has expanded over the past decade and competition is high amongst leading manufacturers to make claims that differentiate their products from others. Ingredients that were previously considered components of specialty formulas are now included in almost all commercially-available formulations and the need for well-substantiated claims is vital, now more than ever. The newborn stage is an especially vulnerable one where critical growth and development processes are occurring. The aim is to ensure that great care is taken in the development and marketing of products intended for infant consumption to create one of the most rigorously regulated food sectors in the world

  • Avoiding a Regulatory Nightmare

    Conducting a clinical trial in the health nutrition industry can be an important step towards boosting the reputation and sales of your dietary supplement product. A clinical study can be the greatest investment a company can make in a product. But - where to start?

  • More then a Gut Feeling

    Research on the microbiome has exploded due to new techniques that enable identification of bacterial species without isolating and culturing – a process highly limited in its scope.

  • Three Cs to Getting Value from Your Clinical Trial

    The dietary supplement industry continues to grow despite potentially restrictive regulations, and an increasing burden on the healthcare system.


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