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KGK Science Issued Health Canada Research License to Conduct Sensory Trials for Cannabis Products

September 22, 2020 – KGK Science (“KGK”) has received its second Cannabis Research License from Health Canada under the Cannabis Act. This latest license issued to KGK permits the administration of cannabis extracts (inhalable and ingestible), edible cannabis, dried flower, and cannabis topicals to human subjects for the purposes of palatability and sensory testing.

Utilizing customized sensory study designs, KGK can begin evaluating the sensory properties of cannabis product formulations from licensed producers and processors for key attributes including flavor, taste, aroma, sensation, mouthfeel, and skin feel for topical products. Controlled focus groups are an incredibly valuable tool for understanding and determining consumer preferences and aiding in cannabis product development. Tests will be conducted at KGK’s London, Ontario clinical research facility in populations from their database of over 25,000 active local participants.

“Securing this license is another step towards maintaining our commitment to provide leading research to support growth in the cannabis industry,” says KGK President and CEO Najla Guthrie. “Facilitating the evaluation of cannabis product quality for our clients aligns with our decades of experience implementing cutting-edge science to help companies bring safe and effective natural health products to market. We look forward to further contributing to the success of innovative, consumer-tested cannabis products.”

Hugo Alves, CEO of KGK’s parent company Auxly Cannabis Group stated: “This exciting and strategic milestone further expands and establishes KGK’s presence and leadership role in the cannabis industry. Their remarkable science team and commitment to ensuring safe and effective cannabis products for Canadian consumers is what continues to set them apart. We couldn’t be more proud of the KGK team!”

This is the second Cannabis Research License that KGK has received. The first was issued in September of 2019 allowing the company to possess and administer cannabis for a phase I human clinical trial sponsored by New Age Ventures to demonstrate the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and safety of orally administered THC and CBD in healthy adults. KGK has also just finished the second arm of a phase II observational study to test the accuracy of a cannabis impairment device utilizing EEG technology sponsored by Zentrela Inc.

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