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Label & Claim Reviews

Your Claims Backed by Science

Depending on the market you’re selling into, failure to comply with labeling and claim requirements can result in misbranded labels or products considered unapproved foods or unapproved new drugs. Misbranded labels and or ones with inappropriate claims result in embarrassing enforcement actions made public by regulatory authorities or costly import detentions. Products may even be added to a country’s import bulletin or alert system, and company information subsequently shared with food authorities from foreign governments, resulting in further barriers to international trade.

  • Label review for violations of federal regulatory compliance requirements
  • Thorough label reviews for misbranding (based on desired regulatory market)
  • Review of all claims made on the label (and in labeling, if desired)
  • Regulatory consulting for labeling best practices, developing new labels, improving compliance, and for entry into new markets

Upon reviewing your label thoroughly through the lens of a regulatory expert, KGK Science can help you ensure that your product makes it to retailers and customers and not the hands of federal regulators.

Regulatory Consulting Expertise

Led by a former FDA Regulator, KGK’s seasoned regulatory experts are uniquely equipped to provide an insider’s perspective into regulatory operations and the most effective way to navigate a timely and compliant path-to-market. Backed by a vast network of scientific, legal, and regulatory professionals, you’ll receive dedicated support throughout each step of the process. 

Expert Regulatory Services

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As a premium full-service contract research organization, KGK Science provides clinical trial research and regulatory services that meet the highest quality standards, customized to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us today and stake your claim.

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