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KGK Science President & CEO Joins International Probiotics Association Board of Directors

Najla Guthrie, President & CEO of KGK Science, has joined the International Probiotics Association (IPA) Board of Directors, effective April 2020. A global non-profit organization bringing together the probiotic sector’s stakeholders, the IPA’s mission is to promote the safe and efficacious use of probiotics throughout the world.

KGK has been actively involved with IPA for several years and currently has contributing members on the Science, Regulatory, Technical, and Media Response Committees.

“Our scientists and regulatory experts have been highly involved in the evolution of probiotics for natural health and wellness through the conduct of clinical trial research on behalf of probiotic manufacturers and sellers, by providing thought leadership on the benefits of probiotics, and through advocacy on the regulatory framework needed for safe and effective probiotics in North America,” says Guthrie.

With the accelerated growth of the probiotic industry at an international level, IPA has called for several new members to assist with providing a positive impact on the industry.

“I am honored to join the IPA Board and I look forward to contributing to the growth of IPA as an influential organization within the probiotics industry,” shares Guthrie. “KGK has a vested interest in growing the presence and awareness of IPA on a global scale, highlighting thought leaders from across the industry and creating a space for increased collaboration, and regulatory transparency.

As a CRO that provides both clinical trial and regulatory services for the nutraceutical industry, KGK has been a consistent advocate for the strengthening of the regulatory strategy for probiotics, leaning towards increased collaboration with regulatory bodies for establishing regulations that would increase both the safety and profitability of probiotics.

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