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The Microbiome: Moving Into a New Frontier in Sports Nutrition

Originally presented by Dr. Alison McDonald for the 2021 Sports and Active Nutrition Summit USA Interactive Broadcast Series, this webinar dives into the bidirectional nature of the microbiome and its impact on the pursuit of optimal athletic performance. Discussing the need for high-quality evidence to support health claims for dietary supplements in the sports nutrition industry, Dr. McDonald highlights the benefits of industry and science partnering together to provide clinical backing to the level of rigor required to satisfy regulators, like the US FDA, and to build consumer trust in a crowded marketplace.

Dr. Alison McDonald, Research Scientist, KGK Science

Dr. Alison McDonald has a PhD in Kinesiology-Biomechanics from McMaster University in Canada.  Her research expertise lies in the area of the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. She is a published author in the areas of musculoskeletal function, muscle fatigue, and injury prevention. Her extended work encompasses the development of novel tools and analysis methods to address research gaps. At KGK Science, she works with study sponsors to design clinical trials in the sports nutrition arena. Her interests in sports nutrition research extend to the microbiome and link to cognition, mood, and optimizing health and wellness.

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