2020 Health & Wellness Expo

Posted on Thu, 16 Jan 2020 

KGK Science Attends the 2020 Health & Wellness Expo    

London’s first-ever Health & Wellness Expo took place at Budweiser Gardens on Sunday, January 12.

The event featured 115 local businesses and drew 883 attendees who were interested in learning about ways to improve and foster health and wellness in the new year.

Our brand ambassadors, Carling Smith and Vanessa Nichols, attended the event with the goal of promoting KGK’s 2020 clinical trails to attendees and meeting other area businesses.

The event was highly successful as Carling and Vanessa were able to sign up many new Health Heroes for upcoming studies! They also formed valuable relationships with other businesses who are interested in helping recruit for trials and other cross promotional opportunities.

KGK Science thanks all the London businesses who made the event a success, especially the title sponsor, OEV Fitness. We will be back next year!

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