Ten Tips for Staying Keto During the Holiday Season

Posted on Mon, 16 Dec 2019 

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For those of you on the Keto Diet, the holidays can be challenging. It’s a time for work parties and family gatherings, with plenty of options for alcoholic drinks, carb-rich foods, and sweet desserts. It’s an all-too-tempting time of the year! But the diet’s increase in popularity has also brought more Keto-worthy options for those who are bound and determined to avoid a dietary detour. We reached out to two local London Keto experts to learn a few ways to help get through the festive season.

Katie Nigh, owner of The Ketonut, a South London catering business specializing in to-go Keto meals, desserts, and party platters says the key is planning and thinking long-term.

“I always suggest to our customers to bring their own dish to a party,” recommends Nigh. “Here at Ketonut we have delicious Keto appetizers and dessert trays that will help keep you on track.”

Nigh also reminds her customers to always think of the big picture and balance things out over time.

Forgive yourself if you have a non-Keto treat in the office lunchroom,” Nigh recommends. “Get back on track the next day by fasting or have a very low carb day. This can set you back into the swing of Keto quickly.”

Aria Palach is the communications specialist at Ketolibriyum, a Keto-friendly meal delivery business servicing the greater London area. She believes that making the switch to Keto is also about embracing a new lifestyle. “When you switch to Keto, you’re not just relying on willpower to avoid the foods you can’t eat, but rather, you’re focusing on eating foods you love that fit into your new way of life,” says Palach.

Palach says that having this outlook is especially useful when going into each dinner or meal. “Whether it’s a mental note of how you’ll react when someone tries to give you a scoop of mashed potatoes, or actually bringing your own Keto alternative, embracing exciting new ways to stick to the diet will help you avoid straying from your goals,” says Palach.

Nigh and Palach both agree that the key to not falling off the Keto horse is to be prepared, stay positive, and remind yourself that a small slipup isn’t the end of the world.

With help from the Ketonut and Ketolibriyum, here are our top 10 tips and tricks for staying true-to-Keto this holiday season:

  1.  Try starting each day by reviewing your health goals. You started Keto for a reason! This can be a powerful form of mindfulness to help root you in your goals and encourage you to stick to them throughout the day.

  2. Increase your fats in the morning by having a bulletproof coffee or a big breakfast - think eggs and cheese! Adding this extra fat is okay if it helps you stay away from those holiday desserts at the office.
  3. Like a high-carb breakfast, snacking too much can set us off on the wrong foot. When we constantly snack, we tend to increase cravings and hunger. By sticking to eating at mealtimes, we are allowing our body to regulate hunger and cravings a little better.

  4. If you know you have a family meal coming up where your sister-in-law is making her famous cheesecake, make sure you have a plan for how you’re going to handle that situation. Whether you decide to bring your own Keto-friendly cheesecake or have a response for her when she offers, knowing how you’ll handle these situations can help prevent giving into temptations. 
  5. Set boundaries with your eating hours. Whether you incorporate intermittent fasting, or simply shorten your eating window to a certain set of hours, eating boundaries can help keep you in Ketosis and avoid needless snacking.

  6. Bring your own goodies to events. Both the Ketonut and Ketolibriyum have delicious appetizer and dessert trays to keep you on track. And the best part: nobody will know it’s Keto! 

  7. Bring mocktail sweeteners. These can easily be brought in your purse and added to your favorite jolly juice to stay on track and enjoy the night.

  8. Use exercise strategically by hitting the gym to stay on track. Exercise can help lower your insulin levels, curb your cravings, and relieve some of that holiday stress! 

  9. Don’t fall into the guilt trap. It happens to all of us. You had a goal in mind for your eating and for whatever reason (maybe a delicious bite of chocolate cake was too much to resist) you didn’t stick exactly to the goal, that’s okay! We’re only human and we cannot be perfect all the time. Forgive yourself and get back on the Keto train. 

  10. Skip the holidays and avoid all Christmas food and events! This is how the Grinch kept his slim figure.

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